Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome To Our World

I wanted to write a post to introduce us to the blog world. My mom is a stay at home uh grandmother now, a semi-retired professional volunteer, and a devote mom, friend, religious adviser, wife, grandmother, all around awesome person. She has been crafty as long as I can remember and before I was even a thought in her mind. She's done it all in her time from decorating baby rooms, making new slip covers, deciding she wanted to paint her entire icebox with chalkboard paint (10 years before it was popular), helping renovate rooms in a house, covering up the marker drawings on my bedroom walls with material, to making outfits and bibs for my niece and nephew. I know from watching her that she can do anything she sets her mind to. I don't remember a Christmas or birthday where there hasn't been some sort of homemade/handmade gift from her among the other gifts received. Her one downfall? Her creative juices start flowing at about 1am and don't stop till the sun is up...something she's passed on to me! She's always up for a new project no matter what time I text her my new crazy idea of what I want to try. I can go on for days about her ideas, accomplishments, mishaps (nobody is perfect), etc but I'll stop it here...for now. Too bad she's over in Thibodaux, LA and I'm in New Orleans...or maybe not, we'd be dangerous if we lived too close to each other, it would be crafting 24/7!

I live in New Orleans and work as a social worker but in my spare time I love to create new things, pretend I'm a photographer, collect tattoos, paint, learn a little too much about the Saints and football in general. I've been on a painting kick for the last year and a half and am ready to dive into more projects. I don't have as much talent to execute ideas as my mom does but I'm learning (hey she's has a couple years head start on me). Obviously it is easier for me to toot Taco's (oh yeah, we call my mom Taco by the way) horn than it is to toot my own, maybe I'll have her write something about me one day instead of writing it on my own?

 The name of the blog...Taco came up with that after someone suggested we use a play on our last name (that isn't anything close to gumbo by the way) but she took the food idea and ran with it, or hit it out the park, or whatever. Craft Gumbo because just like one of the famous dishes from our lovely state our crafts have a little bit of everything in them...and maybe the kitchen sink too!

Anyway, that is just a little about us. I hope you follow us on our creative successes and blunders and learn why I say we're a crazy crew of a family along the way. We hope that this blog will act as a guide to creating new things, we hope to do some tutorials, figure out how to knock off some awesome ideas that are just not budget friendly, and help each other and everyone who reads this get those creative juices flowing, no matter what time of day it is.

Please sit back and relax and laugh at us as we go, Lord knows we laugh at ourselves when we goof up. Just a heads up I wanted to create the blog and get it out there but please be patient with us as we are new to the blog world and it might take a little while before we really get in the groove of things. I am recovering from a minor foot surgery and not up and walking yet and I need to teach Taco how to log in and post among a few other things so she can photograph, write, and post on her own in the very near future. Feel free to leave feedback (we like constructive criticism and new ideas a lot) to help us better ourselves, our crafts, and the blog in general.

For now enjoy this goofy picture of this mother daughter duo!


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