Monday, April 23, 2012


My lovely sister-in-law Courtney's favorite color is green (mine is purple for future reference should anyone care) and whenever I see something green I always think of her. This time when I saw this adorable green nightstand I didn't think of her, I thought of myself (sorry Courtney). I decided Thursday or Friday that I want to redo the decor in my bedroom because I don't have the time or money right now to get a big tattoo. Also because it is really all I can change in the room since I'm still a renter. I headed over to Mr. Craigslist and found this nightstand and inquired about it.

Sadly it was already spoken for, but the current owner assured me that should the first buyer fall through I would be given the option of taking it myself. Well guess who has 2 thumbs, is on crutches, and received an email that the first buyer fell through got it(that seems to be a common thing here in New Orleans, is it anywhere else?)! This will be mine. I'm hoping the fiance of the seller is a nice guy and offers to put it in my car for me tomorrow! I mean how can you really say no to someone on crutches? Especially if they're taking a piece of furniture off your hands and handing over money in the process. I don't love the doors on it so they'll be the first thing to go. The other thing I don't love is the color so it'll be the second thing to go. I got these knobs below at Michael's on sale for $.50, yes that is 50 cents, and they're porcelain.

What a steal right? Sadly, I don't love the designs on any of them (I have about 15 of them in 7 or so different designs) so they'll have to be painted too.  Also please say hi to 1 of my 3 "kids" Dunbar he wanted to make his blog debut. I have been collecting ideas from Pintrest for all the things I want to do to my room, and believe me it is a lot of projects, but sadly I don't have any idea what to do to this nightstand. Not yet anyway. I think for now it and the current nightstand will get a good sanding and a coat of some oops paint I picked up a while back and they'll end up being the last project for the room.

The plan for the room so far (I am about 96.2% it will change somewhere down the road) is to do these projects in no specific order:
  • finish the dresser redo I started over a month ago
  • learn to quilt and make this quilt
via Etsy

  • turn my boring old metal ikea bed into a bed that I can sit up and read in
  • create a wall of pictures (which includes making a few custom frames & pictures of me and my friends)
via Johnny In A Dress

  • figure out how to transform the lampshades I have now into something that matches the decor
  • make map art similar but not just like this (the atlas I ordered should arrive this week)
via Kayla Danelle

  • put pillowcases on all the pillows on my bed
  • create some type of painting to match the decor
And one last picture, the dresser before I got it out of goodwill, I will have to dig through and find pictures of the during. Thankfully I took pictures along the way to text to Taco before we even decided to start this blog. 
The veneer on the top, under the basket and wreath, was pealing up pretty bad and in the process of pulling it off I pulled off the first layer of plywood or whatever kind of wood it was under it, but not all of it will come off so stay tuned to how we're going to fix that. I also pulled the veneer off the drawers and the layer of wood under it which came off easy. More on the dresser later though. I'm excited about this decor redo. Can you tell yet that it is going to have a DC, MD, VA (or DMV) style to it?

Till next time,


  1. If you don't love the doors, just take them of completely, if that's your style. I would like it like that. Of course, I might have to "live" with it for a while and see how I liked it or didn't like it. Hi to all doggies. :)

    1. Just got the nightstand home and my roommate (who rocks) brought it inside for me, doors are off and I like it better already. I'm going to keep the doors though, I've got a few ideas up my sleeve for them.