Thursday, April 26, 2012

$0, Given, Trash

free/frē/ -

without cost, payment, or charge

I want to share with you the free things we got yesterday. Yes you read that correctly, FREE, quite possibly my favorite word in the English Language. Taco and I are pretty thrifty and like a good bargain, but I don't know that either of us has ever passed up something free. If you've ever been to either of our houses (or come in the future) you'll notice how much crap I mean totally awesome  stuff we have. Anyway, I got a hook up on some exterior French doors yesterday thanks to my new friend Jesse. Can you believe people throw out perfectly good slightly rotten French doors? Me either. Check these beauties out!


We only picked up 4 (or 2 full doors) yesterday because the Hyundai Santa Fe is not meant for transporting doors...Just ask Taco.

She might kill me for this.
She's a trooper!

The seat is pushed up as far as it can go and leaning forward as far as it can go (we pulled the headrest up so she didn't end up with a crooked neck). The drive was about 10-15 minutes but I definitely have the best mom, I mean who almost gets choked by a seat-belt for that long for free doors besides her? Also for the record I am a little shorter and smaller so I offered to let her drive and I'd sit like that, she didn't take the offer. Bet she was regretting it after we got home. I'm still trying to figure out how we're going to get the other doors he's set aside from us on Saturday with me & him in the car. I don't think at 6'1 (I think that's how tall he is) he'll fit in the seat Taco sat in.

I also snagged some free old bowling pins from Jesse. By old I mean they were replaced in December (I think that's what he said) with new ones and had been sitting in the back of the bowling alley since then. Jesse got us 3 boxes of 10...yes I am the proud owner of 30 bowling pins. What exactly we're going to do with them will be another post but I wanted to show you what we got.

The last free thing I snagged yesterday was free labor! Somehow after working all day (seriously like 14 hours) Jesse was nice enough to not only give us all that stuff, carry the bowling pins into the house, get my sewing table and machine from the van Taco came in, he also hung curtains for me! 

Did I just hit the lottery or what?
I'm off of work today to rest and keep my foot up so I'm hoping to start the daunting task of cutting nearly 1200 squares of fabric from 55 or so different pieces of fabric. Sounds fun right?

Till next time, 

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